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Precautions for using welding materials

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1. There are two types of stainless steel electrodes: Ti CA type and low hydrogen type. DC power supply should be used as far as possible for welding current, which is helpful to overcome redness and shallow melting depth of welding rod. The electrode with titanium calcium coating is not suitable for all position welding, only suitable for flat welding and fillet welding; The electrode with low hydrogen coating can be used for all position welding.
2. Stainless steel welding rod should be kept dry during use. In order to prevent cracks, pits, pores and other defects, the Ti CA coating was dried at 150-250 ¡æ for 1 h before welding, and the low hydrogen coating was dried at 200-300 ¡æ for 1 h before welding. It can't be dried repeatedly, otherwise the skin will fall off easily.
3. The welding joint shall be cleaned, and the welding rod shall be prevented from being stained with oil and other dirt, so as not to increase the carbon content of the weld and affect the welding quality.
4. In order to prevent intergranular corrosion caused by heating, the welding current should not be too large. Generally, it should be about 20% lower than carbon steel electrode. The arc should not be too long and the interlayer should be cooled quickly. Narrow channel welding is suitable.
5. When starting the arc, it is better to select the starting plate with the same material as the weldment to start the arc.
6. Short arc welding should be used as far as possible, the arc length is generally 2-3mm, and the long arc is easy to produce hot cracks.
7. Strip transportation: short arc rapid welding shall be adopted, and transverse swing is generally not allowed. The purpose is to reduce heat and width of heat affected zone, improve intergranular corrosion resistance of weld and reduce tendency of hot crack.
8. Welding rod should be carefully selected for dissimilar steel welding to prevent hot crack or high temperature heat treatment caused by improper selection of welding rod ¦Ò Phase precipitation makes the metal brittle. Refer to the selection standard of stainless steel and dissimilar steel welding rod, and adopt appropriate welding process.
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